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Day 1

Updated: Apr 18

First day at Ottawa General Campus Hosital. Been up since 4am. Left Eganville around 7 am. Traffic was bad so didn’t get here till after 0900. Timing was 0900. When I got here, I came into the entrance (with Ben) went left to admissions (walked a bit first) then up to the 4th floor. 4N is where I’m staying. The mental health ward, for bulimia and binge eating disorder. Good timing too because I’ve been purging ( vomiting) a lot more. I already miss Edgar and Ben. Ellie will take good care of Edgar though. So I’m not worried there. Also know she won’t steal him or give him away. I do have anxiety over it though still from my last experience. Anyways, once you get to the doors, you push a button and someone lets you in, then there’s another door which they have to let you in. A nurse then took all my bags ( 2 suitcases and a tote) then lead me to my room. I then had a questionnaire asking about my eating disorder, bloodwork, urine sample, and she went through all my stuff. The dietitian then came and got me. She explained menu planning, the rules at the table/ in the kitchen, showed me meal recording pages and gave me CBT, DBT and IE booklets. Had lunch after all that ( chicken salad sandwich, chicken noodle soup, milk and fruit salad) Wasn’t a fan and had to eat it all. I def wanted to purge but didn’t. I spent a lot of the spare time I had reading. I did setup my room before I saw the dietitian. I met the doctor as well. I’m low in phosphate or something so I’m supposed to take a supplement. The second nurse that was on today was super nice. She did freak out though when I said I wanted to purge. My room is a hospital room, with a hospital bed.So could be worse could be better. Had supper not long ago. Hospital food is not the greatest but who am I to complain over free food. My hand hurts from writing. I’m not used to it anymore. I let Tammy borrow my car while I’m here. I hope nothing happens to it. Ben hasn’t been talking to me since around 1300. Worried about him/ have anxiety over it. Hopefully I hear from him soon. Supposed to call Randy soon and Melinda’s going to come visit this weekend which I’m happy about. I’m scared to shower here tomorrow. Shower is sketchy looking/ don’t have a towel for the floor. I’ve been mostly bored since I’ve gotten here. Wish I could go to bed. Nurses bring your night time meds to you though so so have to wait. I also have a broken drawer. It won’t stay closed. I tried using med tape but it only temporarily works. I wonder if I’ll make any friends here. Probably not. Don’t have the best experiences with that.

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