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Day 3

Slept better, still not great. My arms kept falling asleep. Had menu marking today. It was okay. They’re increasing my milk intake and my protein at breakfast. I got a roommate. Coco. She’s stuggling pretty bad and wants to go home. Had DBT after lunch. Couldn’t pay attention to it at all. Wanted to purge a lot today ( what else is new) but now that I have a roommate I can’t. Also really had a bad urge to self harm. Not sure what’s going on with me. I keep getting hit with waves of despondency. Atleast Ben is more talkative today. He’s making me laugh a bit. Tried to send him a video with a filter and that didn’t go over to well lmao. Oh! They nurse tried/ told me that I haven’t been eating all my meals when I have been. I tried to argue with her but she shut me down. So now they think I’m not finishing my meals. I hope I don’t get kicked out. That would look very bad. Finished my book ‘All good people here’ it was okay. Definitely missing my Freida books. Well I have some on the tablet. I just don’t like reading on there. I still haven’t gone to poop. It’s been 3 days. Maybe I’ll ask the doctor for something. Also I need to shower. Which is going to be more difficult with a roomate. Atleast she’s nice. I don’t have a lot to say about today. Pretty boring honestly. I miss home. I miss Edgar. I miss Ben. I wonder how I’ll sleep tonight with someone in the room. Ugh. Gotta love sleep PTSD.

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